5% Fuel Dilution. Glycol Positive. You know what it means when these notes show up on oil sample reports. But what opportunities exist when your oil sample reports are all normal? AnalyzIt puts your oil analysis reports in perspective and helps you understand how to use the results you receive to improve efficiency.

Do You Run Your Fleet At Half Capacity?

Probably not. But most fleets don't use 50% of the life of their oil before throwing it away. The trucking industry spends billions of dollars on the premature replacement of fluids and filters. AnalyzIt helps you determine the optimum time to change your lubricants - based on the lubricant brands you currently use.

Optimizing Drain Intervals

AnalyzIt sets-up evaluation protocols based on TMC Recommended Practices RP334A & RP1403 to ensure the successful optimization of your service intervals. We provide independent analysis of the data you receive from your oil vendor and their sample program. We can also supply the oil samples for your oil analysis program.

Condition Based Maintenance

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance strategy for extending equipment life, maximizing productivity, and lowering operating costs. Unlike periodic maintenance with service based on fixed intervals, CBM relies upon component health to determine timing of required maintenance. By considering fleet application and operating conditions, CBM delivers increased uptime and better equipment life.

Interested in CBM? We guide you through the development of a strict oil analysis program that will get you there. AnalyzIt gathers vehicle data to build a complete sample history record of each unit. We work with you to determine opportunities to optimize service intervals based on the samples and fleet maintenance history.