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You pre-pay hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in tolls a month.
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No Clear Picture

Are you frustrated trying to make heads or tails of your latest toll invoice? Do you wonder what the codes mean and if your vehicles were even be there? Or worse, did someone “borrowed” a toll transponder and take a few trips at your expense?

An Administrative Headache

Auditing tolls usually gets overlooked because of the high administrative burden. It's a headache. Someone has to organize and manage all of the information before you can make sense of the transactions. It doesn’t matter if you uncover theft or transaction errors — any problems are your responsibility to identify and request a refund. If you are not checking regularly, you are probably overpaying paying for tolls.

A Faster, Easier Way To Verify Toll Charges

AnalyzIt’s proven Toll Audit Service (TAS) saves you time and money by identifying unauthorized use and toll errors. We use your existing toll account - no new tag system to purchase or install. TAS gives you easy to read reports of where your toll money is going - using exception reporting to quickly isolate, identify and eliminate overpayment and misuse. With AnalyzIt auditing your toll transactions we provide reports on cost per vehicle, and cost per location. Additionally, we give you a platform for comparing toll charges to labor hours for route optimization.

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  • Transponder Summary
  • Transaction Location Summary
  • Day of Week Charges
  • Time of Day Charges
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  • Cost by Transponder
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