The best fleets are data driven, but you are drowning in too much data. And every day, every week, every month, more data arrives – to be reviewed and managed. Saving can be simple with cost controls. The challenge lies in measurement. Which units are most fuel efficient, and which drivers? Which vehicles cost the most to operate, and which the least?

Organize & Measure

AnalyzIt organizes existing data into easy-to-read, actionable reports that measure and compare fleet consumption, economy & utilization – into best units, worst models, most efficient drivers – and the costs of each. For a fraction of a typical fuel bill, AnalyzIt provides fuel economy tracking reports that most managers don't have the time or the staff to generate. AnalyzIt's reports are easy to use and identify operational trends in any fleet. We compare units by terminal, application, make and model.

No Equipment, No Software

AnalyzIt uses your existing fleet data to generate accurate MPG and operations reports. You do not need to buy or upgrade any additional equipment or software, and you don't have to train your staff. Subscriptions are based on fleet size.

Custom Reports

Go from having managing with information. AnalyzIt provides custom vehicle fuel economy reports that help you understand how your fleet is operating at the unit level. We segment these reports by vehicle duty application, division, make, model and year. Click here to discover more about your fleet's operations.